hi im Adrien!!<3

mmmm well since youre here, heres a basic overview of me<3!!
my names Adrien!!
im 15, Mexican, andddd Shuichi is my highest kin
my hairs black and short, i have dark brown eyes and im on the shorter side-
and yeah,,, im a glasses user...
im very awkward so fair warning-
my pronouns are he/him,
im trans + gay

some stuff i like!!
♡ Saiouma
♡ Kokichi kinnies♡ my stuffed animals♡ dark, baggy clothing♡ reading♡ confident people♡ physical affection♡ having my nails painted
♡ drawing♡ listening to music♡ daydreaming♡ (deep) late night talks♡ the color blue♡ listening to people (even rant)♡ clingy people♡ origami♡ writing stories♡ kids shows♡ beading shoelaces♡ the blue heart emoji♡ crafts♡ making bracelets♡ Autumn♡ the letter Q♡ physical affection (my love language)♡ 1 on 1 time♡ platform shoes♡ when my hair looks fluffy♡ oversized hoodies (zip up)♡ cute things

my other socials!!

discord: ☼ 𝙰𝚍𝚛𝚒𝚎𝚗 ☽#7464

here's some extra random info about me-
✰ im more of a listener so if youre talking with me just know ill probably be on the more quiet side
✰ i make tons of spelling mistakes and typos-
✰ my MBTI type is INFJ and enneagram type 4 though im not sure what wing
✰ i like wearing rings
✰ my favorite colors are blue and black (+pink) in that order
✰ im 4' 11
✰ im confused 25/7
✰ im bad at explaining things
✰ i tend to forget stuff easily
✰ i cant respond to compliments (i shut down)
✰ i mess with my fingers when im nervous
✰ i suck with eye contact
✰ I nervously laugh a lot- +when i smile/laugh i cover my mouth
✰ i can speak Spanish
✰ you'll probably need to approach/text me first wince im bad at initiating social interactions, i dont hate you and do wanna talk to you i just dont know how-